Tips/leads for Nat Semi 32k system(s)?

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Date: Fri Aug 2 12:57:00 2002

Thanks Sellam, I'll keep that in mind. You'll understand, I hope, if I
keep looking for one to acquire. I'd feel a little uncomfortable with
something on loan if I let the project languish for a while (which, of
course, NEVER happens...). I do have a nice 22 slot CompuPro S-100
cage, but mostly 8 bit S-100 gear.

I'm open to any 32k based system, though I don't think I could fit an
Encore or Sequent into the garage at the moment. Tektronix made some
workstations, but I've no further information about them. Nat Semi had
some interesting looking eval boards and systems.

Anyway, if anyone finds something 32k-related that needs a home, please
keep me in mind.


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