HP 1000 video card???

From: Joe <rigdonj_at_cfl.rr.com>
Date: Fri Aug 2 15:11:01 2002

    I sent this earlier but it never re-appeared here so I'm sending it again.

    I found some odd looking HP 1000 cards yesterday. Can anyone identify them? I THINK they're for the A-series HP 1000s. They have three gold connectors on them that look like an over-sized SMA connectors. The connectors don't have lugs, posts or threads on them but are about the size of a BNC connector. Next to the connectors are the letters R G B. There are several numbers on them but I think the part number is 12065-60001. They have a NEC 7220 Graphics controller IC and a 68008 CPU on them along with some other large ICs that are unmarked.

   I also found some other HP 1000 cards. I think I know what they are but if anyone feels like adding some details be my guest! Here are the board numbers and markings on the pull tabs (if they have them). 12040-60214 (8 ch Mux), 12060-60101 (12 bit ADC), 12061-60001 (32 ch Mux) (these two may be a set),
12009-69020 (HP-IB), another 12060-60101 (12 bit ADC).

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