Tips/leads for Nat Semi 32k system(s)?

From: Jochen Kunz <>
Date: Fri Aug 2 17:33:20 2002

On 2002.08.02 01:10 Steven M. Jones wrote:

> Anybody have a suggestion for locating some kind of system based
> on the Nat Semi 32k family?
There are the early Siemens MX300 systems. They are running SINIX, a
weird UNIX variant. This machines are easy to get in Germany. (Actually
it is hard to avoid to have one for a German collector. I was very hard
in the past. ;-) ) Later machines come with a 80486.
The Symmetric 375 "half VAX" (compared to the 11/750, as intended by its
designer Bill Jolitz) and the already mentioned PC532:
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