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From: Merle K. Peirce <>
Date: Fri Aug 2 19:07:00 2002

I thought it was an 8085. I believe there was CP/M for the
displaywriter, and I remember seeing a flyer about a DOS upgrade, though
I dpon't know if it ever materialised.

On Fri, 2 Aug 2002, Jim Kearney wrote:

> > No, the original Display writers were dedicated word processors. FWIW
> IBM later sold software for the PC that emulated the Display writer. As you
> might guess it was called Display Write.
> Not totally dedicated. IBM sold a port of the UCSD Pascal OS, and some apps
> such as LogiCalc and some accounting software. Somewhere I think I might
> have a brochure. This would have been around 1982(?). My recollection is
> that it was an 8086, and the PC drew more than a little from its design.
> Jim

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