DEC Star Coupler

From: Geoff Roberts <>
Date: Fri Aug 2 20:15:01 2002

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> A Star Coupler is a passive interconnect for systems using CI (Cluster
> Inconnect). It is used by VAXen and Alpha based systems to form Clusters
which can share
> various things.

> I understand (and hope to be corrected by posting here) that the CI
> technology was originally developed as a method of sharing storage
> for DECSYSTEM-20 systems.

Didn't realise it was that early, but it's certainly been around a while,
and the hardware went through
considerable evolution. The circa 1984 Vax 8530 here has a second 5'
cabinet, which contains a box 19" wide, 12" high and about 12" deep full of
boards that is the CIBCI? CIBCA?. Equivalent thing in my Vax 6430 is two BI
I still have a couple of HSC50's and a Star Coupler at home, and we use a
HSC70 and another one
at work on the Vax 6440.

Still looking for the Vax Console (Pro380) to 8530 cables so I can try and
get the 8530 running again.
I have the console and reinstalled all the stuff on it, just need the
cables, then I will have to try and mod the 8530 psu
to work on 240v single phase if possible.
If anyone out there has info on converting a Vax 7000 to single phase ops
(US single phase initially) I'd be interested to hear from them as a US
based acquaintance has one he wishes to play with.


Geoff in Oz
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