Latest find : IBM display writer

From: Jim Kearney <>
Date: Fri Aug 2 21:47:01 2002

I just dug up the IBM flyer for the Displaywriter version of Logicalc (which
I wrote way back when). The machine requirements are:

1 Model 6850 Electronics Model with at least 128K bytes of main storage
The UCSD p-System Runtime System (5608-MS1) or the UCSD p-System Development
System (5608-MS2).

Since the p-System did run on 8-bit processors, this doesn't really answer
the question, but the 128K requirement would mean either a 16-bit processor
or bank switching.

There are some references on the net that say 8086, e.g., and this guy claims to
have ported MSDOS to it for Phoenix:

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> > I thought it was an 8085. I believe there was CP/M for the
> > displaywriter, and I remember seeing a flyer about a DOS upgrade, though
> > I dpon't know if it ever materialised.
> It's certainly possible that there were earlier models using an 8085; I'm
> positive that the model I worked with was an 8086 because I ported some of
> that software I mentioned. I guess the original poster might have either.
> Jim
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