Early "open hw" projects (was Re: 32k boxen)

From: Sellam Ismail <foo_at_siconic.com>
Date: Sat Aug 3 13:18:01 2002

On Sat, 3 Aug 2002, Steven M. Jones wrote:

> While I'm thinking of Bill Jolitz - Jochen, thanks for bringing the
> Symmetric 375 to my attention. I was unaware of it, but love it - what a
> great little package! I'd love to get my hands on one... Surely this box
> enjoyed a fair bit of success? Time to Google...

Actually not. The only ones I've ever seen were at VCF Europa in Munich
(it makes its appearance every year courtesy of Julian Stacey) and in the
collection of the Alameda County Computer Resource Center (of all places).

A little while ago I received an e-mail from one Lynne Greer Jolitz
talking about the 375. Any relation to Bill? Did Bill have a sex change

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