OT: Digital Watch Recommendations?

From: Ben Franchuk <bfranchuk_at_jetnet.ab.ca>
Date: Sat Aug 3 14:41:01 2002

Tony Duell wrote:

> And have you tried buying a sundial recently. Most of the ones we see in
> the UK are what were termed 'garden rubbish' in the latest issue of
> Clocks Magazine. Things that look like sundials but which couldn't
> possibly be used to tell the time with any degree of accuracy (if indeed
> they tell the time at all). Another book on sundials says 'they are
> capable of showning nothing but the ignorance of the manufacturer'.

'Garden Rubbish' Where you expecting something StoneHenge size?
StoneHenge is on topic as it was used to calculate lunar eclipes
many years ago.

> One day I must get round to making a sundial that's correctly set out and
> correctly positioned so that it actually _will_ tell the time.
> Does anyone have any good recomendations for books that describe the
> design and operation of some of the more exotic/accurate 'sundials', like
> the heliochronometer and the dipleidoscope?

Here is one book title that gives a lot of information but is not
a sundial plan book.

Sundials Their Construction and use
R. Newton Mayhall
Margaret W. Mayhall
ISBN 0-486-41146-X

>>relative position of the sun in the sky is good enough for me. Why bother
>>and complicate life by worrying about the exact hour? :-)

Hey I just am getting useto writing 2002. :)
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