Anyone using their old Mac?

From: chris <>
Date: Sun Aug 4 22:31:01 2002

>It would be more useful to be to be able to connect a S6 Mac to the
>Internet from any phone socket which is why I was trying to do it dial up.
>It is has to go via another machine, then there isn't any advantage.
>Obviously you can ethernet another mac to your iMac.

If you are going System 6 to Dialup, you should have no problems. You
just need MacTCP and a PPP client (I believe there is one available as
part of a MacTCP bundle, if not I believe FreePPP is S6 compat.)

The 2nd machine to act as a MacIP router was only if you are doing TCP/IP
over AppleTalk, which isn't needed if you have either an ethernet card,
or are going thru a dialup modem connected directly to the S6 mac.

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