Anyone Care About RT-11

From: Jerome H. Fine <>
Date: Mon Aug 5 23:07:01 2002

In regard to the Freeware CDs for RSX-11 and RT-11

I have now finished the verification tasks that I feel
are needed to ensure that I am producing correct images.
I will be making some copies of the CD images from:

I have finally been able to reproduce all 3 CD labels.
The 2 RSX-11 labels are quite well done. I hope to
improve the RT-11 label - it has all the information,
but the label is about 1/4" off centre.

If I have not been able to obtain a better copy of the RT-11
CD labels by the time the CDs are being made, then I will
just use what I have.

I have also been able to get to the post office and check
a sample package for the postage. The total amount in US dollars
(all inquiries but one have been from the US) will be:
($ 5.00 / $ 9.00 / $ 12.00) for (1 / 2 / 3) CDs when I use standard
CD-R blanks.

In addition, I understand that Black Label CDs have a
longer shelf life and are available at Business Depot. If anyone
wants those instead, add $ 1.00 for each CD that you are
requesting. Thus that price range will be ($ 6.00 / $ 11.00 / $ 15.00)

Please include your mailing address!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In general, I will regard any funds you send as a gift so that if anyone

really can't afford the CDs, please state why that is so.

Outside of the US, probably add about $ 1.00 should be sufficient.

If you are receiving this notice via a public list, I will send you
my mailing address when you ask me to burn the CDs.

Sincerely yours,

Jerome Fine
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