Non-Intel Laptops was Re: Blowing Up Old Computers

From: John Honniball <>
Date: Tue Aug 6 11:50:00 2002

Megan wrote:
> >There's sure to be a 10 year old Mac laptop or two.

I have a PowerBook Duo 280c, but no DuoDock for it.

> >I think the Digital
> >AlphaBook is more than 10 years old too - this being the only "old"
> >laptop I'd pay real money for.
> I have one... at least at work... I've been using it recently to
> do some testing. Linux runs on it just fine...

Having just acquired a DECstation 5000 (MIPS) as well as a DEC 3000
(Alpha), I'd love to know more about the AlphaBook. Can't find much
on the web apart from companies who are selling memory upgrades for

John Honniball
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