(semi)[OT] Re: Outlook Text Setting

From: John Lawson <jpl15_at_panix.com>
Date: Tue Aug 6 14:27:00 2002

  As a Pine-under-Unix-shell user, for all of my written e-mail - I think
that the biggest obstacle to sanitizing and securing OutHouse Mail (and
it's typically Micro$hit cult design) is trying to find a way to translate
"common-sense" into "Sheeple".

  Kinda like preventing the flood tide with a pushbroom. Just too many
Sheep Users, so the kiddie-level exploits will continue unabated.

  That being said: a sister list (greenkeys, for mechanical Teletype fans)
that has several of us classiccmpers subscribed as well - has a little
routine running called "Strip Mime" that quite effectively extracts and
displays the text from the RTF, HTML, etc and then prints a snide little
message to that effect as a footer.

  Would such a facility be possible here? I think we all use 'mailman' ,
so I was just wondering - it might reduce the bandwidth and the resultant
chiding. And yes, I've bitched about non-text posts to mailing lists
myself enough times...

   ObClassiccmp: Looks like I have successfully rescued a pair of PDP
11/44s plus minimal perpherals, disks, and doc from a company in SoCal -
just waiting the final word of when to launch the Recovery Team. One has
an RL02, bu the other is reported to have a SCSI adapter and some kind of
+1G HD attached - woo hoo! More when they are safe and warm in my


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