Blowing Up Old Computers

From: chris <>
Date: Tue Aug 6 15:17:00 2002

>> Was the first Mac Laptop released before 1992 (which would make it
>> on-topic here)?
>1989 if my factoidal memory cells are functioning properly.

Correct, 1989, discontinued in 1991, so it was actually no longer
available before the classic cutoff.

And along with it, there are of course the line of Outback Mac "clone"
laptops that predated the Apple Mac Portable. They were Mac clone units,
but lacked the needed ROM chip. It was designed for you to take the ROM
from a Mac Plus, put it into the Outback, and then it had a special
cable/connector that allowed it to dock to the Plus so you could share
the ROM between the two.

I've always wanted one of those laptops... someday I'll track one down
(ideally I either want it fresh with cables, so I have to install the rom
from a Plus, or I want it with its slave Plus and cables).

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