Blowing Up Old Computers

From: Lawrence Walker <>
Date: Tue Aug 6 17:12:06 2002

 And let's not forget the Atari Portfolio which came out, I believe, in 89.


> > Ob Classiccmp: How many non-wintel laptops are on-topic? My SPARCbook2
> > fits the bill I believe, are there any others? Not even clones or
> > nearly-clones, but honest-to-goodness Alternative Architectures?
> Tandy M100, M102, M200. Olivetti M10. And whatever the Kyocera version
> was called. (OK, they contain an 8085 CPU, which was originally an Intel
> design, but I don't think that's the normal meaning of 'Wintel')
> Epson HX20, PX4, PX8, etc. The first contains a pair of 6301-type CPUs
> IIRC (I don't feel like running upstairs to check the technical manual).
> The latter 2 machines ran CP/M and presumably had a Z80-like CPU.
> HP110 (Portable), Portable +. More arguable. They contain an 80C86
> processor and run MS-DOS. But they are in no sense PC clones. No part of
> the I/O structure is even close to that in a PC. The BIOS is not
> compatible with the PC BIOS either as far as I am aware. I wouldn't call
> them clones.
> HP75. It's arguable if this is a laptop, or a notebook, or what. It's a
> large pocket computer, running BASIC. 1 line LCD display. The processor
> is an HP Capricorn, so it's certainly not Wintel. I think it's fair to
> say that the HP71B is not a laptop (for all it's a very nice pocket
> computer).
> Was the first Mac Laptop released before 1992 (which would make it
> on-topic here)?
> -tony
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