Macintosh Portable, was Re: Blowing Up Old Computers

From: Mike Maginnis <>
Date: Tue Aug 6 17:49:00 2002

Dan Veeneman wrote:
> At 01:05 PM 8/6/02 -0600, you wrote:
>> The Macintosh Portable was released in September 89 and discontinued
>> in Feb 91. I had a non-working one (broken screen) until February.
>> Now its a mess of melted plastic.
> I've got a Macintosh Portable sitting here, but I need a power supply
> and (I'm told)
> a new battery for it. Any sources or recommendations?
> Cheers,
> Dan

There's an article at

on connecting up a 9V 1A battery. Note that the Portable uses Pb
batteries as opposed to Li-on.

Careful though - a faulty battery was the cause of the meltdown
(literally) I experienced.

As far as wall-wart power supplies, I'm fairly certain there are still
refurb outfits that sell these (and other Mac portable parts). You
might start your search at the Low End Mac site (couple of battery pages
here as well).

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