TRS-80 Model III

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Date: Tue Aug 6 22:50:46 2002


   Are the boot straps on eproms on the motherboards??? You may be facing
possible bitrot, that's one possibility.


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> I am trying to get a TRS-80 Model III working. When I turn it on the disk
> drive spins for a while looking for a disk I presume. All I get on the
> screen are wispish diagonal lines as if the horizontal hold is all
> whacked.
> I managed to unstick one of the video adjustment knobs on the left
> underside but all it does is affect the brightness level. The other one
> requires a screwdriver to move at all (shimmying it up and down) and does
> not seem to affect the display. I haven't opened it yet to see what
> adjustments are inside. I'd rather not, but there don't seem to be any
> adjustment pots accessible from outside the case.
> What's weird is that I have access to a bunch of TRS-80 Model 3's here at
> the ACCRC and pretty much all of the ones I have played with so far are
> basically "dead" in this manner. The one I'm working on just came in
> today and is in the same state. Also, the video knobs on the left
> underside are all stuck on everyone I've tried to get working. What is
> the deal with that? Do they get rusted over time or something? Very
> annoying.
> The fact that the disk drive spins up when I turn it on is a good sign I
> hope.
> Any help on this would be appreciated. I know next to zero about the
> TRS-80 series.
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