OT: Digital Watch Recommendations?

From: Kent Borg <kentborg_at_borg.org>
Date: Wed Aug 7 08:48:00 2002

On Tue, Aug 06, 2002 at 07:30:31PM +0100, Tony Duell was confused by
my previous description.

Um, never trust an eye witness. Last night I shined a bright light
into the guts of my clock, and I was wildly wrong in my previous

It *is* an escapement movement. The prawl I was remembering was a
completely different clock. Sorry for the confusion.

Another (smaller!) correction: the self-winding "motor" is a single
action device. A solenoid pulls a lever in, and a spring pulls it
back. (I think I had earlier said it was two solenoids pulling

> > Seeing another e-mail that there are a bunch of these in the 'tty
> > warehouse, I think you might want to visit NJ soon and get one.
> There is the slight problem that the Atlantic Ocean is in the way!

Damn. Maybe someone will collect the whole stack and sell and ship
them to others.

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