VMS question

From: Carlos Murillo <carlos_murillo_at_epm.net.co>
Date: Wed Aug 7 10:46:00 2002

At 01:18 AM 8/7/02 -0700, you wrote:
>>You can open a file to append, in which case the version number isn't
>>changed. Of course, typical VMS applications open the log file and never
>>close it and assuming you code it correctly, other applications can read
>>the log file.
>Unfortuantly at least version 1.9 of Samba (yeah, I know it's ancient, but
>it works for me) has the bad habit of creating a LOT of log files. I
>finally ended up creating a batch job to clean up after it.
> Zane

Hey, I have an unused distribution of "rumba" which claims to
do what samba does but on VMS. Has anybody ever used it?
Is it any good?


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