TRS-80 Model III

From: Sellam Ismail <>
Date: Wed Aug 7 19:14:01 2002

On Wed, 7 Aug 2002, Chandra Bajpai wrote:

> What happens if you press the <Break> key down while powering
> should take you into ROM Basic with a "cass?" prompt.

Nope, still no video. The video is hosed. Along with the rest of the
units I've tried.

Now I know why stuff like TRS-80s and C64s were so derided back in the
day: the shit just don't last!

On the other hand, I've rarely met an Apple ][ that didn't boot.
Coincidence? You be the judge.

> I grew up with a Model III and it's been a while, but I don't remember
> there being an error message if it doesn't find disk in the drive.
> Matter of fact I don't remember any text error messages from the boot
> loader.
> If you can get into ROM Basic, it probably means you have a bad boot
> disk.

Well, I have no boot disk. I'm trying to see if this machine works.
Apparently it does to an extent but the video definitely has a problem.

Nobody knows how to fix this?

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