Network cards

From: chris <>
Date: Thu Aug 8 13:20:01 2002

>Ya, hi, I'm interested (Token Ring Buff)

If you are a token ring buff... I still have the following available for
the cost of shipping (from 07450, NJ).

11 - IBM, Auto 16/4 Token Ring, ISA, RJ45 DB9

08 - IBM, Auto 16/4 Token Ring, ISA, RJ45

13 - IBM, 16/4, ISA, RJ45 DB9

08 - IBM, 16/4 Token Ring, Microchannel, DB9

04 - IBM, 16/4, ISA, DB9

03 - IBM, Turbo 16/4 Token Ring, ISA, RJ45 DB9

01 - Intel, M#770400331 16/4, ISA, RJ45 DB9

01 - Madge, Smart 16/4 AT Plus Ringnode, ISA, RJ45 DB9

That should be correct (it's what I have saved as a text file that I
printed my inventory sheets from... the actual boxes they are in are
under a pile of monitors and I'm not digging them out unless someone
wants something).

The cards are untested. They were given to me in a large box of assorted
parts pulled during a mass ethernet migration (and other upgrades, there
were things like 2400 -14.4 modems as well). I was not involved in the
pulling, so I can't say what the status was before they were pulled. I
don't have any reason to believe they are bad, but I honestly have no
clue about them. (All the parts I did want worked fine, so I would
imagine the Token Ring cards work as well)

I don't want ANY of them... so take one, take them all... just get them
out of here.

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