Check out the Workmanship...

From: Chandra Bajpai <>
Date: Fri Aug 9 06:08:00 2002

Sellam...I think your right, I've seen a lot of weakness in prices on a
lot of things...(e.g. Commodore SuperPETS for $90), but certain items
see to be the same price as they used to be, for example..Apple Lisa's
still get $300-$350

Any other examples of price weaknesses due to this economy? Have
Altair's come down in price?

Only if I had money....


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On Thu, 8 Aug 2002, Loboyko Steve wrote:

> What this is, is a Netronics COSMAC II in a BEAUTIFUL
> homemade case.

Very nice. Not worth $500 (the current high bid).

> Ebay has been absolute crap recently; if this is a bad
> economy, someone needs to tell the GEEKS about it.

Absolute crap as in nothing is selling? I've been snatching up stuff
bargain prices. It seems nobody has money these days, at least for old
video game stuff. I don't have money either but I'm taking advantage of
the situation. This is the only time I like eBay.

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