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From: Sellam Ismail <>
Date: Fri Aug 9 14:00:00 2002

On Fri, 9 Aug 2002, Erik S. Klein wrote:

> There does seem to be a minor eBay depression on most items. I snagged
> the first 16 issues of Byte for $20 the other day! That's far and away
> the lowest I've ever seen Byte #1-#16 go for and I've seen just the
> first issue sell for over $100 regularly.

Damn good deal by any measure.

> I haven't, however, seen any Altair systems on auction for weeks. I've
> been tracking these for the past 6+ months to monitor prices and I can't
> imagine that the next few to go on auction won't fetch a premium due to
> the pent up demand.

That's exactly what's going on. People are holding onto their stuff until
the geeks start making money again. That's what I'm recommending to
people who come to me for advice on selling their stuff.

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