FS: Amiga A2000 and Amiga A500 both loaded. (fwd)

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Date: Fri Aug 9 23:50:55 2002

Just passing this along. I have no affiliation with the seller. Do not
reply to me ;)

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Subject: FS: Amiga A2000 and Amiga A500 both loaded.

Do you know anyone who might want this great stuff?

Amiga A2000:

* Commodore A2000 SN CA1076987.
* Commodore Model No. 1084-D Video Monitor SN: XT1074659 Nov/89.
* Keyboard KeyTronic E03601EL-C.
* Keyboard KKQ-E94YC for A2000, A2000HD and A2500.
* Power Supply: UPS 30-V20P
* Three (3) 2-button mouses.
* All connectors included.

Amiga A500:

* Amiga A500 SN: 078259 with Impact Series II Amiga A500-HD+
* Amiga 1011 External Disk Drive SN XC0062232 Sept/90.
* Power Supply: P/No 312503-01 PSM-500
* Power Supply: UPS 30-V20P
* Commodore Color Monitor Model No. 1084S-P SN 129979, Sept/88.
* Commodore B0032925 Mouse.
Joystick (in original box) 500XJ EPYX by Konix.
* All connectors included.


* GVP Impact Series II A500 HD User's Guide.
* Intro to Amiga 500 (Commodore).
* Hi Res Monitor with Stereo Output Model 1084S manual.
* Amiga Basic (MS Basic for the Amiga) manual.
* Systemsoftware Binders (2) for Amiga ( two large hardcover bonders with
* AmigaDOS, ARexx, Workbench 2.1Amiga Hard Drive plus software

FS: Printers that work with Amiga:

* Texas Instruments Microlaser plus
* Star NX-2420 Rainbow Printer Signature Series with 2 unopened cartridges,
manual and accessories.
* Raven PR 2418 24-pin Multi-Mode Printer with cables, little used.

Also have 5 huge boxes of commercial software of every description (educational, games, utilities, clipart, wordprocessors, paint, kids stuff, etc) for the
Amiga that I am cataloguing (save me the time and buy it all with the above

Price: I don't know. Make me an offer for some or all.

Hamilton, ON Canada

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