WTB: TRS-80 8" floppies

From: Tarsi <tarsi_at_binhost.com>
Date: Sat Aug 10 00:53:00 2002

> The models 2, 12 and 16 used 8" disks.

My bad, you're absolutely right. I only gave them a precursory glance and
should have looked better.

The Model II I have has the Shugart 8" drive. Plus, it has the disk extender
module that supplies another 3 8" drives for a total of 4 drives (2MB of
space!). This all came with a table that the disk extender slides into and
the console sits on top. The table is in TRS colours, so I assume it's a
Radio Shack thing.

The story behind this machine is that it was used by the city of Dallas, TX,
for accounting for awhile, then sold to the Mason City Air Service, then
given to the Pioneer museum. The museum director gave it to me because, as
she said, although it might be a pioneer in the computer world, wagon trains
didn't have Trash80s. :)


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