WTB: TRS-80 8' floppies

From: Eric Smith <eric_at_brouhaha.com>
Date: Sat Aug 10 02:20:00 2002

> I'll extend the offer to anyone else here on classiccmp who needs a
> system disk for the model II, just supply the blank media. Keep in
> mind, the TRS-80 model II used a special 8" disk that had the index
> hole in a nonstandard location.

I'm fairly certain that the TRS-80 Model II uses plain old everyday
run-of-the-mill vanilla single-sided 8-inch diskettes. Perhaps you
at one time may have tried to use double-sided 8-inch diskettes, which
have their index hold at a different location. Double-sided drives
generally had two index sensors, but a double-sided diskette would
not work in a single-sided drive.

The TRS-80 Model II was shipped with single-sided drives, though it
was capable of supporting double-sided and it wasn't uncommon for users
to upgrade their drives. Later related models (12, 16, 16b, and 6000)
used half-height drives, but I'm not sure whether the stock drives were
single- or double-sided.

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