Sharp LT numbering

From: Lawrence Walker <>
Date: Sat Aug 10 20:44:01 2002

 I acquired a little while back a Sharp PC-3000. I am very enamored of it and
it's possibilities. Similar to the HP95 and will use the same memory card
only with a more-manageable KB.
 In researching it I found it came out in 91/92 and was a follow-up to the Atari
Portfolio. The UK company (DIP) that designed the Portfolio and this follow-
up model, offered it to Atari, which had it's own problems at that time, who
declined it and then Sharp snapped it up.

 Sellam gave info on a Sharp PC-5000 he was selling and Joe R. on a
PC-7000. These model #'s make no sense at all as I believe both of these
came out before the 3K. Anyone with any insight ? Or is it just that computer
makers use no logical system for model #'s

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