Emulations under Linux

From: Eric Dittman <dittman_at_dittman.net>
Date: Sat Aug 10 22:13:01 2002

> > The VAX is /getting there?/ Hell, I run NetBSD/vax on it! I'm fairly
> > certain that OpenVMS/VAX is also supported. It's not the fastest VAX
> > in the world, but on a PIII/1GHz, it does rather well. I've no
> > complaints with it, except for a lack of support for a network
> > interface.
> The last time I tried the VAX emulator it pegged the CPU and left it
> at 100% on a 1.6GHz Athlon. To me, that means it ain't there yet.

The CPU gets pegged because the emulator doesn't detect the
idle loop. To change this behavior would require the emulator
to know about the operating system.
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