osborne executive disks

From: Wayne M. Smith <wmsmith_at_earthlink.net>
Date: Sat Aug 10 23:24:01 2002

> Does anyone have some (preferally images of) Osborne Executive CP/M disks?
> Also, what format does it use, and is it possible to use an Osborne 1 boot
> disk to boot an Exec?
> Thanks for the help
> -- Pat
I have the disks and can send the files to you via 22Disk, if you have that. I
can also send you 22Disk if you need that as well.

You will need a 360K floppy drive on a DOS PC to create a workable Osborne Exec
disk using 22Disk.

Format is SSDD, 40 tracks. Capacity depends on diskette type. My manual says
OCC Disk = 200K, IBM = 160K, DEC = 180K.

Don't think the Osborne 1 disk will work in an Exec.

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