PDP 11/70, XXDP diagnostics & OT question

From: The Wanderer <quapla_at_xs4all.nl>
Date: Sun Aug 11 14:01:00 2002

That problem has been solved now. I had not enough memory in the system to boot
the XM monitor. I assumed it was the SJ one, but alas....
Nice to see what 'show all' is showing on the screen :=)

I also tried to boot RSX 11M 4.5 from the distribution kit, it boots, but only
executes 1 redirect command and stops in MCR (cpu still runs).
When I manually execute the 2nd 'red' command and execute the startup.cmd command
file, it performs the other tasks.
Of course, the first thing to do is to see what the autoconfigure job is saying,
but it stop the machine completely after a few second.

Ah well, first to run the diagnostics to see if the cpu is healthy.


Megan wrote:
> >I also tried to boot RT11 (5.05) but this does not come further than
> >doing a few I/O's before the machne stops. I know it isn't supported, but
> >if I'm not misinformed, it may run anyway?
> Yes, it should run just fine. I suspect you still have some
> hardware issues...

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