PDP-11/24 won't boot

From: Rick Murphy <rmurphy_at_itm-inst.com>
Date: Sun Aug 11 16:52:00 2002

At 05:03 PM 8/11/02 -0400, Christopher McNabb wrote:
>Well, this PDP-11/24 I picked up yesterday doesn't appear to want to boot.
>All boards appear to be present (at least, going by the table under
>the lid)
>and in good shape physically.
>When I turn the keyswitch to 'LOCAL', the 'DC ON' light comes on and the
>'RUN' light comes on for about 1/2 second. When I push the 'control'
>to 'BOOT', the Run light comes on or about 1/2 second, then goes out.
>Looking inside, there are three lights on the M7133 cpu board, labeled
>'1', and 'CLK'. The '0' and '1' lights are on continuously, the 'CLK'
>only comes on for the 1/2 second after power on, and while the 'control'
>switch is held in 'BOOT'.

According to the 11/24 "Maintenance Card" CLK is the CPU clock
indicator. The 0 and 1 LEDs are used by the Power-On diagnostics; ON/ON
means that the processor test has begun but it may well be that the
processor test never started. Is the M9312 installed?

What happens if you hook up a terminal to the console port? Does it go
into ODT mode the '_at_' prompt)? If so, you can run the diagnostics with
'165006G' at the '_at_'.

>As usual, I have absolutely zero docs on this system, so any help would be

You're welcome to this maintenance card if it's of use.
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