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From: blacklord <>
Date: Sun Aug 11 22:12:01 2002


> There does seem to be a minor eBay depression on most items. I
> snaggedthe first 16 issues of Byte for $20 the other day! That's
> far and away
> the lowest I've ever seen Byte #1-#16 go for and I've seen just the
> first issue sell for over $100 regularly.

I'm not so sure - I've recently started selling off a lot of my
duplicate Commodore equipment & books - for example, I've got SAMS 128
Assembly Language Guide (that I paid $29.95 for back in '87) currently
sitting at $73. Most of my other C= stuff has been going high as well -
I sold 23 VIC20 cartridges (no boxes or instructions) for $103 recently
& 18 C64 carts for $81.

On the other hand, the HP85 I sold a month ago went for $20, whereas
the one I sold 12 months ago went for over $200.

What I am noticing is that the 8 bit Commodore era stuff & Amigas are
holding (or increasing their prices) whereas the earlier stuff (that
most people on this list generally collect) is not pulling the prices.
There are a couple of Digital VAX machines on eBay Oz (vintage) that
are not moving at all.

Tastes change & I find that many of my generation (late 30's) are
wanting to relive their "childhood" so to speak - & that means
Commodores etc. Avg price on eBay Oz for a C64 is around $40 at the
moment. More depending on what's added in with it.

I've got some odd Intellivision II bits & pieces that I'm gonna try
next :-)



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