TI-59 question

From: Mark Tapley <mtapley_at_swri.edu>
Date: Mon Aug 12 09:56:00 2002

Ed asked,

>Another question, more or less OT, is there someone who kan help me with
>Texas Instruments adapter/charger for a TI-59 (red led, magnetic card
>reader etc),
>preferable 220V, but 110V will do too.

Somewhere in my closet - I think - is a TI-59 in need of repair (display
problems, really bad keybounce problems, ni-cads need replacing). It has at
least a 110V adaptor and a 12V adaptor, and *possibly* a spare 110V adaptor
(I think I ordered the spare when the cable on the original got very flaky,
then repaired the cable.) Let me know if this is the closest/best help you
can find.
                                                        - Mark
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