[movie] On Guard! The Story of SAGE

From: Brian Chase <vaxzilla_at_jarai.org>
Date: Mon Aug 12 22:08:00 2002

I just noticed this up at www.archive.org. It's a short film from
1956 put out by IBM about SAGE. This is a great little film with a
nice overview of SAGE and the modular computers used on B-52 bombers.
The following links point to different formats of the same film. I was
able to play the MPEG-1 file under Quicktime on Mac OS X without any

  MPEG-1 (128.1MB): http://ftp.archive.org/movies/vcd/06855.mpg
  AVI (38.8MB): http://ftp.archive.org/movies/divx/06855.avi

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