RL02 woes

From: Patrick Finnegan <pat_at_purdueriots.com>
Date: Tue Aug 13 01:13:00 2002

I'm having some problems getting my RL02 drive to play nice with my RLV12
in my VAXstation 3200. I've got the drive connected to the controller
with a piece of 40pin ribbon cable from an IDE drive, since I have no
'offical' cable to connect the two (or a cab kit for the controller). The
drive is set to ID 3, because I don't have a '0' Ready light cover. Also,
I don't have a terminator to use.

Right now, the drive has its 'FAULT' light on, including when the VAX is
powered up and at its monitor. A 'SHOW QBUS' shows the adaptor at address
774400 (I think), and a 'SHOW RLV12' shows no devices attached to the

Previously, when I connected a clock signal to the drive's clock in, which
was anywhere near 4.2MHz, the fault light would go off. Now, I can't get
the light to go off at all, and I'm suspecting the controller. This cable
is the second one I've tried, and both cables have had all 40pins going
straight through. I also have tried reversing the cable to ensure I had
pin 1 the same on both ends, to no avail (could that have nuked the
interface on either the controller or drive?).

Any suggestions or help would be appreciated.

-- Pat
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