TI-59 question

From: Sipke de Wal <sipke_at_wxs.nl>
Date: Tue Aug 13 11:20:01 2002

Fair enough ....

That would still leave about 8 volts after double-phase
rectification to charge the nicads with. (thru a 4.7ohm
internal resistor)

Never operate the TI59 without the nicads! when
the machine is turned on the excess voltage
will be dumpt into them so the -vbat will be kept at
-3.7 Volts! To operate it without nicads might
toast the machine !!!!

Sipke de Wal

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> At 06:54 PM 8/12/02 +0100, you wrote:
> >Failing that, if you can find the right connector (possibly from another
> >TI calc PSU) the TI-59 requires 6.2V 200mA AC.
> >
> >I always wanted a TI-59, but I have to make do with a -58...
> You can probably build something with epoxy/rubber and a couple
> of pins off a female DB-25 connector..
> A word of caution: if you are going to build a charger with a 6.3V
> transformer, keep in mind that the chargers that TI provided
> for this and other calculators had very high secondary winding
> resistances; I just measured mine, and it is 16 ohms. I have
> no idea about the reactance, though.
> The high resistance in effect limits the maximum current across
> the rectifier diodes and battery. I suspect that if you connect
> a < 3ohm transformer something might burn.
> carlos.
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