TI-59 question

From: Mark Tapley <mtapley_at_swri.edu>
Date: Tue Aug 13 14:29:00 2002


>If you want to depart with the described items, I can surely use them. Some
>parts of the calculator are good for spares like the pack, the reader and the

Oops. I apologise, Ed, I was very imprecise with what I wrote. I meant most
of the description as background to explain why I *might* have a spare 110V
power supply. I'll search for the power supply tonight; if I can find it,
postage to you (Nederlands?) will be all I'll want for it. The rest of the
gear, I still hope to return to service one day. Admittedly I'm not making
very good progress - there are two printers in the queue ahead of it and
they have been there the better part of a year now - but I'd still like to
keep it for now, at least. If I do decide to get rid of it, you get first

Sipke, *great* site. I also have some user-documentation-type stuff for the
machine. Let me know if you need scans or whatever.

Anybody know a good source for tabbed AA size ni-cads to replace the ones
in the battery pack?
                                                        - Mark
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