TU-58 tapes for VAX 11/750 and 11/730

From: Matthew Sell <msell_at_ontimesupport.com>
Date: Tue Aug 13 17:46:00 2002


I have a few console, diagnostic, and patch tapes for the 11/750 and 11/730
on TU-58. I just recently got my 11/750 working, but I don't have a console
tape that will boot it properly, though.

What emulators are used to communicate with the VAX to simulate the TU-58?
Anything for DOS, or is everything Linux based?

I remember a discussion a little while ago about TU-58 tapes and a possible
archive site, has that been set up? If so - when I can get the tapes
archived I can submit these for inclusion.

I'd also like to snarf a console tape archive or two as well... : )


         - Matt

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