Microsoft vs Lindows

From: Ross Archer <>
Date: Tue Aug 13 22:13:01 2002

"R. D. Davis" wrote:
> Quothe Martin Marshall, from writings of Tue, Aug 13, 2002 at 06:46:54PM -0600:
> > I received a forwarded message that originated from They
> > are in a suit with Microsoft regarding the use of "Lindows,com".
> > Microsoft is suing Lindows for trademark violation. In the message,
> Since when are rhyming words trademark violations?
> Bindows
The binary-only distribution :)
> Cindows
Has special Justice-Department-approved task to allow
law enforcement to "see in"to your PC and look for anything
that might offend someone somewhere and arrest you for it.
> Dindows
Especially obnoxious WAV files are selected for system
> Findows
Will never happen.
> Gindows
> Hindows
Special Indian-language version

> Mindows
A really small distribution
> Nindows
Especially for fans of loud industrial synth-music
> Sindows
Finds porn automatically and downloads it to your
hard drive by the gig. Works in conjunction with "Cindows"
to frame and remove those who have been deemed annoying to
development of a sanitary police state. :)
> Tindows
They tried Platinumows, but it sounded too stupid. :)
> Vindows
Special DMV copy that randomly crosslinks registration
data between Linux users and felons for Bill's amusement. :)

> Are all of these supposed to be trademark violations as well?

Yup, I'd be willing to bet a Diet Pepsi that they'd sue for
anything that sounded like Windoze. :(
> we should all create some web pages for these names of fictitious
> operating systems. :-)
> > Michael Robertson, with Lindows, is looking for old documentation of the
> > use of the word "windows" and "windowing" prior to 1983. I can't think
> Simple. Such documentation goes back many hundreds of years.
> "windows" on a computer can be thought of as being similar to windows
> in a house in a way, so this is an example of what should be a rather
> weak trademark, is it not? Any thoughts on this?
> If the truth in advertising laws were enforced, Microsoft ads would be
> asking "When do you want to crash today?" ...of course, it would,
> naturally, crash at a different time, after all, it's Windows.
> Microsoft, Microsoft, 'twas only luck.
> Microsoft, Microsoft, why do you suck?
> Microsoft, Microsoft, creat'd windows?
> Microsoft, Microsoft, lies through its toes.
> Microsoft, Microsoft, fears new Lindows.
> Microsoft, Microsoft, crashing Windows.
> Microsoft, Microsoft, can't e'r play fair.
> Microsoft, Microsoft, creates despair.
> Microsoft, Microsoft, why do you suck?
> Microsoft, Microsoft, 'twas only luck.
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