Vintage "chat" software available for use

From: Bob Lafleur <>
Date: Wed Aug 14 13:43:01 2002

It only seems fitting that the users of a vintage computers list should
have access to "vintage" chat software for real-time discussions.
Therefore, I am making my VAX based chat software available for use to
anyone on the list.
Although I recently recompiled the software to fix a bug, there has been
virtually no changes to it since 1990 or so, and the bulk of the coding
was done in the mid 80's. This software predates what we all know as the
internet, Instant Messaging, IRC, etc.
If you'd like access, send me an E-mail (
requesting access. Tell me what you'd like for a login ID. (You will be
able to pick a nickname for use in the software the first time you log
in). I will be happy to create a login for you, and you will choose your
own password the first time you log in. I will send you instructions on
how to connect using telnet.
Happy chatting!
   - Bob
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