Microsoft vs Lindows

From: Stan Barr <>
Date: Wed Aug 14 16:02:00 2002


Owen Robertson <> said:
> on 8/13/02 7:46 PM, Martin Marshall at wrote:
> > This may be a bit off topic.
> >
> > I received a forwarded message that originated from They
> > are in a suit with Microsoft regarding the use of "Lindows,com".
> > Microsoft is suing Lindows for trademark violation. In the message,
> > Michael Robertson, with Lindows, is looking for old documentation of the
> > use of the word "windows" and "windowing" prior to 1983. I can't think
> > of a better resource than this list to find these references. The
> > relevant part of the forwarded message is quoted below.
> >
> > Maybe some of the list members can provide the needed info to
> >
> I have some old (late seventies/early eighties) computer graphics books that
> have entire chapters on windows. What about the Lisa. It came out in 1983,
> but I'm assuming that Apple used the term 'window' to describe it's
> interface prior to it's actual release. What about TopView? Was it pre 1983?
> Probably not.

Byte's Smalltalk issue, August 1981, has a number of articles describing
windows and windowing in the Smalltalk environment. In fact terms like
"Browse.Window" etc. are part of the Smalltalk-76 specification.
I have e-mailed with the details.
Stan Barr
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