'Windowing' programs

From: Chandra Bajpai <cbajpai_at_attbi.com>
Date: Wed Aug 14 21:27:00 2002

When I was at Leading Edge my first task was to evaluate these packages
- Quarterdeck, Windows 1.0 or DRI GEM. Quarterdeck made the best
package...very fast even on a 640K 4.77Mhz 8088 with a 10MB hard drive.
Windows 1.0 was OK, but GEM kicked butt. Remember DoubleDOS?
Incompatible with everything out there including IBM PCs.


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  Damn - I actually paused to think before I typed the Holy Protected
And All Its Homonyms, Antonyms, freakin lawyers - backed by Billy's
Billions... maybe DOJ will point Ashcroft at them...

     Anyway, I used to use a program for very early DOS machines called
Software Carousel, which basically freeze-dried up to 12 snapshots of
current TPA and chunked them onto the HD... and assigned each frozen
session to a PF key. So you could switch back and forth between tasks

  Obviously the 'frozen' tasks were just that: there was no backround
processing, they remained suspended until that particular task was
back into working memory from the HD.


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