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From: Dan Wright <dtwright_at_uiuc.edu>
Date: Thu Aug 15 09:58:00 2002

Patrick Finnegan said:
> Well, would it suprise you that in CPU/memory performance, my friend's
> PIII-600MHz Dell beat the Blade 100 in performance? Well, in one or two
> tests, the Blade 100 edged out the P-III by at best 1%. What annoys me is
> that Purdue is buying loads of them to replace the U5's in computer
> labs...

No, that doesn't suprise me. Well, I suppose it depends on what you're
doing... Here, we've found that 450Mhz US-III's beat PIII-800Mhz hands down
(price/performance wise, even), but that's doing quantum chemistry
calculations that do 64-bit FP math almost exclusively. For more normal
things, a PC will almost always give you better price/performace...

"C'mon, the Blade is NEWER! it MUST be better!" bah... if they're going to
bother, they should buy US-III workstations, where you really are getting
something better...the blade 100 is just a cheapened U5, which is really an
OLD workstation...4 years old at best. blah...

> I should have the benchmark results here:
> http://expert.cc.purdue.edu/~finnegpt/benchmarks/
> -- Pat
- Dan Wright

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