cxy-08 baud rate

From: Antonio Carlini <>
Date: Thu Aug 15 12:26:01 2002

>Does anyone have info regarding dipswitch settings on the cxy-08?

There are two switch packs. With the board facing you and
the Qbus connectors downwards, the lefthand switch pack
(10 switches) is E36 and the righthand one (8 switches)
is E28. They may even be labelled.

E36 switches 2->10 set A12->A04 for the address.
A21-A13 are all 1s (not settable).
A03-A00 are all 0s (not settable).

E36 switch 1 sets DHU mode (off) or DHV mode (switch on)

E28 switch 1 must be on
E28 switch 2 must be off

E28 switches 3-8 set the vector V08->V03
V15->V09 and V02->V00 are all 0s.

Standard settings are 17760440 and 300 (both in octal).

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