Need help finding information on the following transputer boards

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Date: Sun Aug 18 03:37:17 2002


I am in the process of compiling a list of inmos
transputer boards (excluding trams). I have information
on most if not all of them so far except the following:

IMSB013 - Did it ever exist and if so, what was it
IMSB019 - ditto

anything after IMSB020???

again, I am only looking for information on the IMSB
series and not IMSB4?? trams...



PS: Finally figured out what was causing the HTML
messages. First of all, I apologize for that. Our
confidential signature that gets added by Microshaft
Exchange only supports HTML so even if you send your
emails via text, the server sends them out in HTML. Our
useless SAs, claim that it can not output plain text. Is
this true???
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