New finds for Musuem

From: John R. Keys Jr. <>
Date: Sun Aug 18 12:07:00 2002

Well over the last couple weeks the Mac XL from eBay arrived in the mail
but was DOA. It will go into the repair pile at the warehouse. Got a
nice book by Dr. Jerry M. Rosenberg called The Computer Prophets from
Here's a short list of some items I picked up.
1. Nice Next KB for the N4000A monitor at the local Goodwill (still
looking for the computer).
2. Galactic Pinball cartridge for the Virtual Boy console.
3. I-O Corp. model 2677C terminals (3 of them) at a auction for 50 cent
4. IBM 3180-02 terminal for 50 cent at same auction.
5. Prc Realty System model 101 Data terminal based on the TI 745
6. IBM 8503-001 mono monitor.
7. Large box with a Mac Plus and all kinds of goodies for it for free at
the auction.
8. hp 700/70 terminal for $3 powers up great but need the kb for it.
9. A Jetbook 386sx notebook for $10, needs battery charger.
10. Robot named 2-XL from 1978, needs a little care.
11. TurboGrafx 16 with 8 games on the HuCard for $20 at the flea market.
12. AS/400 Barcode labeling software.
13. About 20 more mousepads for the collection.
That's it for now there were lots more items but some are too new to
list. Keep on computing.
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