Copying tapes on a VT103?

From: Paul Williams <>
Date: Sun Aug 18 17:16:00 2002

Megan wrote:
> If these are the commands as used verbatim, then it is looking for
> a *file* by the name of DD0. You need to specify the device name,
> so use 'DD0:'. (I'm surprised it didn't report the name of the file
> it didn't find.) So, the command should be:

Thanks Megan, I'll pass this along.

> Doing this, however, will not result in an optimized tape... it may
> actually take a relatively long time to boot. I actually got a
> TU58-based system to boot in as little as 30 seconds by judicious
> placement of the system files. If you (or other people) are
> interested, I could write it up...

The company who asked the question are still using a VT103 to control
one of their machines. I imagine they'll be happy if the copy works at
all! (First rule of optimisation: "Don't").

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