Any interest? Basic Four on ebay

From: Mike <>
Date: Sun Aug 18 22:25:01 2002

From: Joe <>

> Actually the same seller had TWO of them. There were no bids on the
one below despite the fact that the opening bid was only $25! FWIW One of
our well known Florida pack-rats that's on this list also has a working(?)
BASIC 4 and I think he has docs and SW for it.

That's Georgia pack-rat, thank you. Hell yep, David Greelish and I hoisted
his old Model 1300 Basic Four with two drives in it up a staircase with the
help of another nearly killing all three of us. I later got it down that
same flight of stairs myself without serious injury (so far) and it's still

I do have BOSS, Business Basic and some business apps for it on some RL02ish
disk packs. I also have the Planning & Installation and service manuals on
the CPU (LD1200 cpu, SM1101 semiconductor memory, SM8001 and LD8001 sync
comm controller, and SM9000 and LD9000 power supply) DRIVES, TERMINAL, and

 Some info from SM1029, July 1 1976 Service Manual for Model 1300 CPU

    The model 1300 CPU is a general purpose, 8-bit, microprogrammed
minicomputer (lots of ttl). It is the primary unit of all BASIC/FOUR
computer systems. The CPU has full I/O capability, an interrupt system, a
DMA channel for data transfer between the CPU and one or more disk drive
units, and an internal main memory of up to 65k. The memory cycle time is
optionally 1.0, 0.8, or 0.6 microsecond. Macroinstructions are implemented
by executing a series of firmware microinstructions stored in the
microprogram ROM.

Elsewhere in that manual it also states that the capability of two CPUs to
exhange data directly is also available as an option,

So, I wish the other one were closer and am glad it's not.

- Mike:
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