From: Andy Holt <andyh_at_andyh-rayleigh.freeserve.co.uk>
Date: Mon Aug 19 00:56:01 2002

> Andy Holt wrote:
> > The fun then comes with something like the ICT/ICL 1900 series*
> where the
> ....
> > * originally the FP6000 originating in Canada
> >
> Know of any information on the web?

A Google search for ICL.1900 finds quite a lot
the most interesting link is probably
describing a simulation project able to run George 3 - one of the most
advanced operating systems of the era. The emulator "cheats" somewhat by
emulating the executive interface rather than the raw hardware and so is
unsuitable for the other 1900 series operating systems which used a
different executive.

I have several of the hardware manuals and have a theoretical project (ie,
not really started!) to build a 1900 using an FPGA. A problem being that it
seems that none of the other 1900 series operating systems (Operators
executive, George 1,2, and 2+, Minimop, Maximop) seem to have survived.

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