Anyone remember this PET 2001 game?

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Mon Aug 19 09:18:01 2002

--- Brian Chase <> wrote:
> Does anyone recall an old Commodore PET 2001 game which involved a
> flying a "spaceship" down through a toilet while you shot at germs?
> -brian.

Wow! No I don't, but if a copy is found, I'd love to see it.

Was this for a 4K/8K PET? 80-col? Have any fragment of a title?

Sounds as weird as "Space Spuds" - the demo game with the Amiga
"X-Specs 3D" - LCD shutter glasses that ran off the second game/mouse
port - you shot at potatoes and french fries, in 3D. You lost
when you gained too much weight.


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