IBM 3295 Plazma Display

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Mon Aug 19 11:30:00 2002

--- Mike Ross <> wrote:
> >>BIG IBM Mainframe (I think) display. Display unit only...

> There *are* possibilities, since 'they were designed' to talk to 3174
> controllers and *they* are intelligent devices that can do a lot with the
> right microcode.
> They talk coax 3270 to a 3174 controller...

I'd never heard of the 3174 before; when I did SNA stuff for a living,
we emulated (and also used) a 3274.

I found this URL - at the top of the
Google list - pretty cool. I don't think I have any old Memorex 3270-
alike terminals any more, but if I find one up in the attic, I might
have to secure a 3174 to play with my old SNA gear.


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